If you have experienced gum recession, Dr. David S. Hershkowitz may recommend a cosmetic gum treatment such as AlloDerm® to restore your gums and smile. AlloDerm works to restore your smile without retrieving tissue from your palate for a gum graft, giving you a more natural outcome and an alternative option to traditional treatments. To learn more about AlloDerm and cosmetic gum treatments in Bayside, New York, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Hershkowitz, call Alley Pond Dental Arts today at (718) 468-3434.

Gum recession may occur as a result of periodontal disease or overaggressive brushing. Dr. Hershkowitz may recommend AlloDerm as an alternative to traditional gum treatments to restore your healthy gum tissue and help you regain a healthy mouth and smile. Gum recession has traditionally been treated with soft tissue grafting, which involves removing a section of tissue from your palate. This procedure causes discomfort, and thanks to advances in dentistry may not be necessary.

AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix (RTM)

AlloDerm RTM allows Dr. Hershkowitz to restore your smile without taking tissue from other areas of your mouth. Instead, AlloDerm uses donated tissue that has been specially processed to remove cells so that it creates a regenerative tissue matrix. When you receive AlloDerm, the collagen in the treatment will bond with the existing tissue in your mouth, allowing it to grow so that it can restore lost and receded gum tissue. Benefits of AlloDerm include:

  • A faster overall treatment
  • A single treatment site
  • A more natural final result
  • Reduced discomfort
  • No complications involving removing palatal tissue
  • A completely safe treatment

You may experience some tenderness, swelling and minor discomfort after your AlloDerm treatment. Dr. Hershkowitz will provide you with instructions to manage discomfort and help you recover from your procedure.

If you have any questions about AlloDerm and to make an appointment with Dr. Hershkowitz, contact our office today.

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